Rules & Regulation’s

RULES AND REGULATIONS ALL PROPERTY IN SHELTON MEMORIAL PARK IS SUBJECT TO THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF WHICH THE FOLLOWING IS A PART: NO DRIVING ON THE GRASS. STAY ON THE ROAD AT ALL TIMES. No pets are allowed on the Cemetery grounds. Decoration of Lots and Burial Spaces: No personal items on headstones during the mowing season – March 1st – October 31st The placing of shells, toys, pinwheels, glass objects of any kind, and similar articles upon lots or burial spaces are not permitted. NO ALCOHOL ON GRAVES OR IN THE CEMETERY- NO EXCEPTIONS. To provide a clean and more easily maintained facility, the Cemetery Management will biannually remove all decorations not securely placed on headstone foundations. The removal periods are the month of February, THE WEEK BEFORE MEMORIAL DAY and the month of August. The broken decor of all types will be removed during these periods. Decoration Removal Decorations will be removed by cemetery crews at their sole discretion, guidelines for removal are when they become dead, faded, broken, or anything of a similar nature (particularly artificial flowers). Decorations will be returned to the owners only if prior arrangements have been made at the cemetery office. Please make sure the office has your contact information on file. If we do not have contact information your items will be discarded. NO artificial Flowers or Wreathes from March through October. The wire from these is hazardous to our maintenance crew when mowing and will be detrimental to our equipment. Christmas Decorations Decorations will be permitted from December 1st through January 9th ; at which time they shall be removed by the Cemetery Management. Items may be retained (for no more than one month) if they have perceived value, for return to the family and prior arrangements have been made. The Cemetery Management will remove decorations from any plot which may create a safety hazard or cause additional maintenance burdens, without notice. This shall apply particularly to multiple decorations placed on a gravesite. Right to Regulate Shelton Memorial Park reserves the right to regulate the method of decorating plots and the right to regulate decoration so that safety, ease of maintenance, and uniform beauty may be maintained. Manager In Charge of Planting: The Cemetery Management has authority in the planting of all trees, shrubs, plants, and grass ornamentation of the Cemetery. It will be left to the Manager’s discretion as to what can be planted and where it can be planted. The random placement has a detrimental effect on grounds maintenance. If you would like to plant flowers, shrubs, or trees on your lot, please contact the office and we can assist you. If any existing tree, shrub, bush, plant or flowers growing on a lot or burial space covers the stone in any way it will removed without notice and Shelton Memorial Park will not be responsible to replace it. Burials: Full burials in the Cemetery are required to be placed in liners or vaults. Cremation ground burials must be in a direct burial urn or will be required to purchase a liner to place the Urn in. Interments will not be made in plots that have not been paid for, with no exceptions. It is ILLEGAL to spread cremated remains on the cemetery grounds. If you spread ashes on your plot, your plot cannot be used for anything until said ashes are completely dissolved. For your safety and the safety of the staff operating the equipment, we do not allow anyone to stay after the service and watch us do the closing of the grave. Headstones: Grave markers are required at Shelton Memorial Park. The cemetery will provide a temporary laminated marker upon request while waiting for your economy marker or headstone to arrive. Headstones can be ordered through the office. Only the employees of the park shall set stones. The Park does not bind itself to maintain, repair, or replace any grave marker or vase placed upon lots. Damage that happens to markers due to the negligence of Shelton Memorial Park or employees therein will be replaced at no cost. We are not responsible however for any acts of nature. Replacement foundations are not covered by SMP. The family is responsible for the cost of replacing such foundations when needed. All stones except flat stones must sit on a foundation. Shelton Memorial Park is not responsible for lost or stolen vases or any other article. Payments: The following forms of payment are accepted. • Credit Card • Cashier’s Check • Personal Check. • WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS If you have a contract with SMP to make payments on your plot and you go two years without making a payment (or arrangements), your contract will be terminated without refund. THE ABOVE RULES AND REGULATIONS MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY THE SMP WITHOUT NOTICE

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