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Notice of Removal

Just a friendly reminder that it is now March and that means we will be strictly enforcing the policy below starting Friday, March 3, 2023

We will be removing all artificial flowers, weather-damaged and broken objects, and items considered hazardous to mowers, grounds crew, and the general public.

Also, a reminder that this is an alcohol-free cemetery. Please do not leave cans or bottles containing alcohol on headstones, they will be thrown away.
“NO artificial Flowers or Wreathes from March through October.
The wire from these is hazardous to our maintenance crew when mowing and will be detrimental to our equipment.
To provide a clean and more easily maintained facility, the Cemetery Management will remove all decorations not securely placed on headstone foundations. The broken, unsightly, or weather-damaged decor of all types will be removed. It is the sole responsibility of the family to make sure your plot is clean and clear of all items listed below. The staff of Shelton Memorial will remove said items if you do not maintain them without notice.”